Investment Strategy

Our firm employs an entrepreneurial and boots-on-the-ground approach to identify and structure opportunities that are both attractive to our investors and seen as a value-add to the communities where the properties are located.

Lifeafar Capital focuses on acquiring and repositioning or redeveloping assets in prime locations which have the potential to generate much higher long-term cash flows than the assets are currently generating. A key component of our strategy is to underwrite opportunities that take advantage of financial incentives or market dynamics which enhance the prospect of generating higher equity returns than are traditionally seen in REIT and other passive real estate investments. This includes being an early mover in structuring and funding two Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds in Puerto Rico while pursuing available tax credits correlated to those projects.

Our preferred deal size ranges between a total project investment of $10 million to $50 million. This price range enables us to achieve important economies of scale while at the same time executing on our vision of building a portfolio of boutique and lifestyle assets.

In strategic partnership with local hospitality operators, we also engage in land acquisition and new construction development of luxury residential condominium properties. In select cases we also acquire redevelop existing properties that can be transformed and reimagined as luxury real real estate.

We design these properties to the highest standard of luxury living and brand them with a unique hospitality concept. These iconic properties become turn-key investments managed by the local operator as vacation rental units and second homes for investors.